Artist's Statement

"It is a divine privilege to slip into the moments of unpremeditated creation that bring me face to face with the unknown. When I am painting, my brush strokes against the canvas are searching for an answer between unconscious and rhythmical movements.

I step back for air and space. The essence of creation runs for my arms... my entire body... my soul.... In the background, there is the music... the dancing light... darkness... sensations that run through my flesh... spaces... scents... instruments of my passion. All these blend in an enchanting symphony.

When it is over, I am left with no recollections of how it happened. And yet, I find myself confronted with a finished creation, waiting to be shared so that it might become the source of new and deeper inspiration."
– Daniel Bottero

Critic's Statement

"Bottero, then, is what Baudelaire called a poet painter, that is,
a painter who uses the medium to convey the poetry of his emotions, indeed, of his temperament."
– Donald Kuspit

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